Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can you deliver?

We can deliver almost anything, from Food products, office supplies, mail, florist & gift shops, automotive/fleet parts, building permits & plans, and more just ask!

2. What are your payment options?

We accept cash, check, and credit cards.  All of our drivers are equipped with mobile pay.  We also offer terms for those customers who like to be invoiced.

3. Does someone have to sign for the delivery?

We do offer Proof of Delivery, but if you require the package to be delivered to a secure or discreet location if no one is available we can accommodate.

4. What are your rates?

Each job is significant call us or send an email to get a quote.


5. What are your hours?

We are available Monday through Friday from 7am-10pm.  Weekends by appointment. 

6. What kind of vehicles do you have?

Cars, Vans, Trucks, and Dock height box trucks, flatbed trailers.  We have the equipment to complete your job. 

7. How fast can you deliver?

We have delivery times of 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 1day, 2day.

Medical Deliveries

Airport Cargo Pickups